Proper Placement of DOT Warning Triangles

The Department of Transportation has laws we must all follow to safely transport cryogenic oxygen.  Mountain Aire would like to keep distributors and their employees up to date on these changes.  We have been providing oxygen accessories and safety guidelines for over 12 years.  Mountain Aire is committed to supplying our customers with the products and knowledge necessary to create a safe environment for you, the owner, and your employees involved in the distribution of cryogenic oxygen and equipment.

In accordance with DOT 392.20-25 all vehicles stopped on roadways must activate the vehicle’s hazard warning flashers at once, and be used with warning devices (e.g., required reflective triangles).  Liquid-burning flares are not permitted when carrying flammable gases.

Placement of reflective triangles:

    A.    One triangle 10 feet behind the truck, in the center of the lane.
    B.    One triangle 100 feet behind the truck, in the center of the lane.
    C.    One triangle 100 feet in front of the truck, in the center lane.

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