Improved LOX Transfiller for Puritan Bennett Reservoirs
Blow Down Assembly Puritan Bennett


Currently, Service Technicians are exposed to a potential safety hazard resulting from the rapid build-up of high pressure gases in the Liquid Oxygen transfill hose prior to, and after, filling the Puritan Bennett Reservoir.  The safety hazard is the potential of the transfill hose bursting.  This is the result of poorly designed Puritan Bennett transfill devices that do not provide a way for the technician to cool down the transfer hose before beginning a Liquid Oxygen fill.  Rapid flashing of cryogenic oxygen results in over-pressurizing the home reservoir, and premature failure of relief valves and contents gauges.

Mountain Aire introduced a safer Lox transfill assembly, the “Blow Down Assembly,” at the MedTrade Spring conference.  The transfiller has a ball valve with a diffuser (Reference Item MTBV on the enclosed schematic).  In addition, the 100 psi Relief Valve (MTRV) has a diffuser (MTRVF) built in to help the venting Liquid Oxygen convert to a gas.  Our Blow Down Fill Assembly is designed to prevent the over-pressurization of the transfill hose which could burst after the fill, if the hose is not properly blown down.

Regardless of the method being used to control the extremely high pressures created from the Lox transfill, Mountain Aire now has a safer way to accomplish transfilling with the introduction of the “Blow Down Assembly.”

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