Bloodborne  Diseases

Bloodborne Diseases that your employees can be exposed to on the job include non-A hepatitis, non-B hepatitis, hepatitis B and delta hepatitis, as well as syphilis, malaria, and Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

Means of Transmission – Bloodborne pathogens may enter your body and affect you through a variety of means including indirect transmission, such as touching a contaminated object and transferring the infectious material to your mouth, eyes, nose or open skin.  Hepatitis B can survive on surfaces dried and at room temperatures for at least one week.

Personal Protective Equipment – Equipment that protects you from contact with potentially infectious materials may include gloves, masks, gowns, protective eyewear, and masks.  Under normal work conditions, protective equipment must not allow potentially infectious materials to contact your work clothes, street clothes, undergarments, skin or mucous membranes.  The type of protective equipment appropriate for a given task depends on the degree of exposure anticipated.

Typical Hazard:  Generation of splashes, spray, spatter or droplets of infectious material.
Typical Protection:  Mask, gloves, eye protection, or face shield.

Typical Hazard:  Potential clothing exposure or skin exposure.
Typical Protection:  Mask, gloves, eye protection, overalls and other protective body clothing.

Solution = Mountain Aire's Isolation Kit is designed to be used in the field.  It contains the components mentioned above and also includes a Bio Hazard bag for proper disposal after contamination.  This is very inexpensive protection compared to the possible legal exposure of not supplying the required Personal Protective Equipment.  

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