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Mountain Aire Medical Equipment has been in business since February, 1988. Mountain Aire specializes in cryogenic fittings, adaptors, accessories, safety equipment and consulting services. We have creatively packaged a specific selection of products available for the convenience of the HME dealer.

Mountain Aire is also a resource for safety and compliance products, field service technicians, respiratory therapists, and the delievery vehicle engaged in comepressed cryogenic oxygen services.

No other company has ever provided such a unique product selection and services targeting the liquid and gaseous oxygen supplier market.

Mountain Aire's goal is to provide a high quality service and superior quality products to the niche market of medical oxygen and specialty gas users.

Our affordable prices, personalized service and the prompt manner in which orders are shipped (usually within 24 hours), has given Mountain Aire the competitive edge with the cost-conscious homecare dealer.

We want you to think of Mountain Aire as your "One Stop Shoppe" for your cryogenic oxygen needs. Please feel free to request a catalog via phone 1-800-659-9110 or e-mail

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