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Product   Price
Mountain Aire's Adjust-A-Cyl-Cart   $31.50
Mountain Aire's Adjust-A-LOX-Cart   $39.25
CPAP Meter - Pressure Indicator   $22.00
Cryogenic Safety Apron 25" (Nomex)   $55.00
Cryogenic Safety Apron 36" (Nomex)   $55.00
Cryogenic Safety Apron 42" (Nomex)   $55.00
Cryogenic Safety Apron 25" Poly-Cotton   $49.00
Cryogenic Safety Apron 36" Poly-Cotton   $49.00
Cryogenic Safety Apron 42" Poly-Cotton   $49.00
Cryogenic Safety Gloves Large (Nomex)   $96.00
Cryogenic Safety Gloves Medium (Nomex)   $96.00
Cryogenic Safety Gloves X-Large (Nomex)   $96.00
Cryogenic Safety Gloves XX-Large (Nomex)   $96.00
Cryogenic Safety Gloves Large Poly-Cotton   $59.00
Cryogenic Safety Gloves Medium Poly-Cotton   $59.00
Cryogenic Safety Gloves X-Large Poly-Cotton   $59.00
Liquid Oxygen (LOX) Drip Pan   $21.00
Isolation Kit   $8.00
Blow Down Assembly Puritan Bennett   $299.00
Multi-Loc Fill Adaptors: TWIN-LOC with Relief Valve   $162.50
Multi-Loc Fill Adaptors: UNI-LOC with Relief Valve   $145.00
Magliner┬« Reservoir Handtruck   $255.50
Multi-Loc Fill Accessories   No Price
Multi-Loc CAIRE Fill Head   $61.00
Multi-Loc Inspiron Fill Head   $82.00
Multi-Loc Pulsair/Cryo II Fill Head   $70.00
Multi-Loc Puritan Bennett Fill Head   $98.00
Multi Loc Penox Fill Head   $90.00
Multi-Loc Fill Adaptors: TRI-LOC   $148.50
Placards   No Price
Pulsemeter   $119.00
Electronic Liquid Oxygen Delivery Scale   $725.00
Super Flex Transfill Hose/Stainless Fittings/6'   $136.00
Super Flex Transfill Hose/Stainless Fittings/8'   $170.00
Super Flex Transfill Hose/Stainless Fittings/10'   $195.00
Super Flex Transfill Hose/Stainless Fittings/12'   $220.00
Super-Flex Transfill Hose/Brass Fittings/6'   $129.00
Super Flex Transfill Hose/Brass Fittings/8'   $169.00
Super Flex Transfill Hose/Brass Fittings/10'   $189.00
Super Flex Transfill Hose/Brass Fittings/12'   $203.00
T Handle w/out RV 45degrees - Filler Adaptor for Dewars   $141.50
T Handle w/out RV 90degrees - Filler Adaptor for Dewars   $141.50
T Handle w/out RV Strt - Filler Adaptor for Dewars   $136.50
Tank Tote - M6 Size - CASE   $54.40
Tank Tote - E Cylinder Size - CASE   $75.00
Tank Tote - C & D Size - CASE   $54.00

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