CAIRE Products
Liquid Oxygen Systems

Mountain Aire is pleased to present the CAIRE product line including everything for the HME dealer from vehicle delivery vessels to patient liquid oxygen systems.



The articles listed below should answer most questions regarding

CAIRE's popular products.

  Features & Benefits of CAIRE Reservoirs
Why Buy a CAIRE Liberator or Low-Loss?
  Features & Benefits of CAIRE Portables
Why Buy a CAIRE Spirit or Sprint?
  Spirit 300
Check out CAIRE's Spirit 300!
  Reservoir Comparison
Comparison Chart of Reservoirs
  LOX Portable Comparison Chart
LOX Portable Comparison Chart of the CAIRE Spirit 300 & Puritan Bennett Helios
  Delivered Gas: Spirit 300 & Helios Portables

Comparison of Actual Gas Delivered from Portables





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